Cosmic Lights Entertainment

Thanks for visiting our website. We are a vibrant organization with a combined experience of over 19 years in the field of Event Management. We primarily manage all types of events may be it corporate events, weddings, spiritual events, fashion shows, sports events, destination events, media events, online events or public events. Since we provide all solutions under one roof, we become the wise choice of our client.


Corporate events

✅ Corporate Events 

If your company is planning to host Annual celebrations, Product launches, dealers meet, Conferences or AGMs, celebration, etc then we can manage all the production of yours too.


Ramkatha in Switzerland

✅ Spiritual Events

 Similarly, we organized Ram Katha in Switzerland and many more. We also manage other spiritual events on the same scale.


Wedding planning & decor designing

✅ Bespoke & signature weddings

We are the wedding planner, designer & organizer also best known for our management of artists/celebrities and the execution of decor. 


Fashion events

✅ Fashion events

For our clients, we are an essential part of their event as we give them ample privacy and personal time to spend with family & friends to relish every moment, instead of managing the arrangements they have booked.

In other words,

Your dream events are delivered HERE!!

We plan and manage the bespoke events specially crafted for you. We not only have the professional managers to execute the events but also have designers and creative people to design the concepts for each and every event that we handle.

We manage every event with the utmost care and personalization. Besides just event management, we are best known for Entertainment solutions and International or destination events.  Above all, we can help you save on the total event cost as we know the best practices of the industry and therefore, make sure that the money you spend is totally worth it!

We are the experts in handling all age groups and people at any part of the globe with the same care to make them feel at home.  In addition, we provide the best detailing ever possible and similarly maintain the transparency to make sure we over exceed our client’s expectations as always.

Planned to perfection

In conclusion, we are there for you to plan the unplanned things. Let us know your requirements & we will be right next to you.