As a renowned Indian wedding planner, we create exquisite and culturally immersive wedding experiences.  From intimate proposals to lavish multi-day events, our full-service wedding planning services ensure a seamless and stress-free journey for couples & their families. 

Curating a Personalized Wedding Vision

Our wedding planning process begins with an in-depth consultation to understand your unique wedding story, cultural background, and overall vision. From there, we collaborate to craft a cohesive design aesthetic that reflects your personalities. Do you envision a regal Punjabi wedding with ornate decor and elaborately designed lenghas? Or perhaps an elegant Marwari fusion blending contemporary and traditional elements? Our experienced designers will bring your dream wedding to life.

Venue Selection & Destination Weddings:

For those dreaming of a romantic destination celebration, our team has extensive experience planning luxury Indian weddings across the globe’s most breathtaking locales. We’ll seamlessly coordinate every aspect of your multi-day events, from welcome parties and mehndi ceremonies to the grand reception. Our global partnerships and logistical mastery allow you to truly immerse yourselves in the enchantment of your chosen setting. From opulent palaces to picturesque beachfront, the canvas for an Indian wedding is boundless. We curate a selection of venues that resonate with the couple’s vision, whether it’s a grand affair in a historic fort or an intimate gathering amidst nature’s splendor. Destination weddings hold a special allure, offering exotic backdrops for couples seeking an extraordinary experience. 

Vendor Coordination:

Behind every seamless wedding are dedicated vendors who bring dreams to life. We have a network of trusted professionals, from talented decorators skilled in crafting elaborate mandaps to renowned chefs creating sumptuous culinary experiences. Vendor coordination is the backbone of flawless execution, ensuring each aspect of the wedding aligns harmoniously.

Decoration – Wedding Décor:

CLE design team conceptualizes stunning decor designs that transcend imagination, weaving together floral marvels, ornate drapery, and intricate décor elements. Each corner of the wedding venue is adorned with enchanting décor, from lavish centerpieces to mesmerizing lighting installations, creating an ambience of enchantment and splendor.

Wedding Budget Management & Timeline:

Behind the scenes, meticulous planning ensures that every detail aligns seamlessly within the confines of the wedding budget and timeline. A strategic wedding planner employs astute financial management, offering transparent cost breakdowns and strategic allocation of resources to maximize value without compromise. A meticulously crafted wedding timeline serves as the roadmap, orchestrating each moment with precision and ensuring a seamless flow of events.

Entertainment & Wedding Photography/Videography:

Entertainment transcends boundaries, captivating guests with immersive experiences that leave lasting impressions. We envision entertainment options, from live musical performances that enchant the soul to captivating dance troupes that ignite the spirit. Meanwhile, skilled photographers and videographers capture every fleeting moment with artistry and finesse, immortalizing memories that transcend time.

Day-of Coordination & On-the-Day Management:

As the curtains rise on the wedding day, a dedicated team of professionals stands ready to orchestrate every detail with precision and grace. We oversee on-the-day management, orchestrating setup, coordinating vendors, and ensuring flawless execution of events. From managing unforeseen challenges with poise to ensuring the couple’s peace of mind, every moment is guided by a commitment to excellence.

From the initial planning stages through the sparkler exit, our dedicated team will be by your side every step of the way. Allow us to handle all the complexities so you can relish every joyful moment with your loved ones. Reach out today to begin designing the luxurious Indian wedding of your dreams.